Policy Center AM lawmaker ordered fake news against his own allies, points police

Record shows lawmaker Dermilson Chagas, Roberto Cidade and Delegate Pericles. (Art: Catarine Hak/ CENARIUM)

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MANAUS – The Specialized Police Department in Suppression of Cybercrime (Dercc) received, on September 10 this year, a complaint made by a former employee of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (Aleam), 31 years, which reported that the lawmakers Dermilson Chagas (without party) would be maintaining a ‘Hate Cabinet’, maintained with public money, to create offensive content in order to attack the honor of his opponents.

The information was disclosed by the site O PODER, on Tuesday, 23, and discussed during the program “Good Night, Amazon!”, presented by directors of the CENARIUM MAGAZINE, Paula Litaiff, and the site O PODER, Alvaro Corado, after the report received prints of what would be the ‘modus operandi’ created by Dermilson to attack, besides the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), his own colleagues in parliament. The extensive material presented to the police, revealed a scenario of disloyalty and betrayal in the ‘heart’ of the Legislative House.

According to the report, the content was forwarded by a cell phone of congressman, as the prints, and had ‘targets’ certain as the president of Aleam, Mr Roberto City (PV), and Congressman Delegate Pericles (PSL). As the image below, Dermilson sends to the advisor a montage where City appears next to Wilson Lima, as being wanted, and, moreover, with the phrase “Enemies of the Amazon”, also suggesting the impeachment of the governor.

At another time, the target is the delegate Pericles. This time, the publication suggested and forwarded by Dermilson shows that Pericles would have signed the creation of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) Health, Aleam, for pure “protagonism”. In the photo of the delegate, still appears the phrase: “False like the governor and the president of Aleam”.

The report of O PODER found that, in the testimony of the former employee of Aleamshe asked for resignation from the position she held in the upper echelon of Dermilson’s office after not stand pressure and humiliation committed, she said, by parliamentary. Also according to the allegation, the former employee assumed authorship of defamatory messages, slanderous and false identity having as victim the governor Wilson Lima, and that were fired at the general population and authorities, through the WhatsApp number (92) 99617-35xx.

In prints submitted by former server, Dermilson would be giving coordinates how the videos should be mounted to, later, be fired to the population and politicians, as shown in the image below. The former advisor also says, that took over the office communication in January this year, and was responsible for publications on WhatsApp at the request of the congressman to spread news against the governor, having as ‘helpers’ a video editor and a designer, both responsible for producing criminal content such as videos and memes.

The whistleblower also reveals that another former advisor – who currently lives in Curitiba – also resigned because he could not stand the humiliations of Dermilson and that, even, the congressman often threatened his employees of dismissal and persecution, if the false and criminal messages against Wilson Lima and several politicians in the Amazon were not published.

In another message, exchanged between Dermilson and former server, parliamentary suggests that people start asking if the deputies were working on 24 June this year, and that the empty plenary on that date is “the reality on days of session”.

Dermilson also suggested a ‘meme’, this time involving the president of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (no party); the governor Wilson Lima and the president of Aleam, Roberto Cidade. He used an image of Bolsonaro raising a ‘fake poster’ that suggests the impeachment of Lima. In fact, the photo is from the day the president received the title of Citizen of Amazonas. Senator Omar Aziz (PSD) is also attacked in a photo in which he appears arm in arm with the former President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

When Dermilson realized that the ex-servant stopped agreeing with the publications and that she was tired of the humiliations, he tried a series of conversations with her, always receiving negatives. “I no longer know Dermilson from the beginning of this political history and as a person,” she wrote. And she added: “I have nothing more to do with you, I have already solved everything with your chief of staff. One piece of advice I give you: find a therapist, and find yourself again. You are completely out of your mind and sick. Thank you for everything, God bless you”, she concludes.

Still in the conversations, it is discussed the creation of a slate headed by the former governor of Amazonas, Amazonino Mendes, and the former mayor of Coari, Adail Filho, with an eye on the 2022 elections.

Also in the denunciation, the former employee says she opened a communication agency, but that she can not develop its work because of numerous persecutions by the deputy and that she fears for her life and her mother, due to the political influence of Dermilson Chagas. The investigations around the case have already been referred to the Court of Justice of Amazonas (TJAM).

Legal backup

O PODER contacted the lawyer Florence Fleck to know, based on the ex-servant’s statement, in which crimes the state lawmaker Dermilson Chagas can be indicted. According to her, it is clear that the congressman is guilty of several crimes, first of all the violation of the Law of Abuse of Authority in Article 33.

“In addition to numerous cases of defamation through social networks, which is configured as a crime against honor. It has, still, the acts that are configured as illegal restraint, because they had the power to compel the party to perform certain conduct in his favor”, he explained by noting that there is the issue of illegalities characterized by moral harassment that was constant in the relationship between the lawmaker and the server, as shown in the prints to which O PODER had access.

(*) With information from the site O PODER