Economy Amazonians bet on electric motorcycles, after high gasoline prices

Brazilians on an electric motorcycle. (Reproduction/ Internet)

Victória Sales – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The Brazilians have been suffering daily with the high price of fuel and, to escape this reality, people from Amazonas are betting on electric motorcycles as an alternative to meet the daily commitments. According to a recent study, made by one of the largest e-commerce channels in Brazil, Mercado livre, the population’s interest in electric motorcycles grew by almost 1,200% between May 2020 and May 2021.

According to lawyer Paloma Moura, she realized that she needed to change the car she used to use for an electric motorcycle when gasoline prices had an exponential increase, in addition to the congested traffic she had to face every day. “With the motorcycle I can save time and money, and I also have the positive feeling that I am contributing to curb the advances of aggressions to the environment”, she said.

When asked about the change from gasoline to electric energy and if there was an increase in the electricity bill, Paloma says that not much has changed in the energy bill. “It’s still within the expected range, but I can still program myself to reduce consumption on something else that is not essential”, she said.

The electric motorcycles, besides eliminating fuel costs, also avoid expenses with preventive maintenance. This is what the Software Engineer Ademar Farias Júnior highlights, who explains that the cost was a change he felt in his daily life. “What I used to spend on gasoline I pay the installment of the electric motorcycle. Besides that, I didn’t need to get a driver’s license to ride it”, he said. The professional also declared that he used to share the car with his wife, because she takes the children to school. “I ended up spending a lot of money on gasoline and paying the Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax (IPVA). That is why I had the idea of buying an electric motorcycle”, he listed.


Among the motorcycle models found at a lower value are three options: Shineray, the SE1, which contains a removable battery. A full charge takes up to eight hours at the power outlet, with a maximum speed of 60 km/h, and costs R$9,900. There is also the vintage-style vehicle, Energie Mobi Super Soco TC, which has a 60V battery and a 1500W motor. With a single charge, it travels up to 60 km/h, and is priced at R$21,900.

Another affordable model is the Muuv Chooper SE, with 2000W motor, 40 km/h battery, costing R$15.545. Other bets in the Brazilian market are the Beach and Custom models, whose prices range from R$10,000 to R$16,000. The Chooper SE does, approximately, 50 km/h, in addition to LED headlight, bluetooth and brakes on both wheels.