Diversity Because of Covid-19, Macapá’s LGBTQIA+ Parade reduces audience participation and opens online registration

Priscilla Peixoto – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – With the theme “You will see that a son of yours does not run away from the fight: resist in order to exist”, the 21st edition of the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade of Macapá, capital of Amapá, will open registration, on Tuesday evening, 23, to those who want to participate in person in the event to be held next Sunday, 28. This year, due to security measures to prevent Covid-19, the parade will have a reduced audience of only one thousand people.

To register, participants must access the Even3 platform and fill out the form, available from 7 pm, and meet the criteria requested by the organization. According to the general coordinator of the Macapá LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade, Bryan Marques, besides filling out the form, the participant needs to be over 18 and have already taken the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Featuring an audience of more than 70,000 people in the last edition of 2019, the coordinator warns that vacancies for this edition should run out in minutes. “Registration is scheduled to be released starting at 7pm and there is an expectation for the event, so I believe that the vacancies will sell out very quickly, meaning that those who really want to be there will have to be quick,” Bryan warns.

Security Criteria

Initially planned to be held in September and with an audience of 5,000 people, Bryan points out that the criteria and guidelines of the control bodies prevailed in order not to endanger the health of the population and an intense monitoring of the pandemic was developed until, in fact, establish the best date for the parade to finally hit the streets.

“We agreed with the Health Surveillance team and with the State Health Prosecutor’s Office. Even with more than 80% of the population vaccinated here in the State, because of the concern of new contaminations from Covid-19 we understand that this reduction of public is safer for our prevention and it will be a beautiful party, within the safety standards”, explains the general coordinator of the Macapá LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade.

‘You will see that a child of yours does not run away from the fight: resist in order to exist’ is the theme of the 21st edition of Macapá’s LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade. (Photo: Maksuel Martins/SECOM)

The party, traditionally celebrated on the city’s waterfront, this time will be held in the internal area of the Milton de Souza Corrêa Stadium, better known as Zezão Stadium. “Entry for people who register through the registration link will start from 6pm”, says Bryan.

Diversity program

On November 4, the coordination of the LGBTQIA+ Parade kicked off the “Month of Diversity”, bringing an extensive program with an emphasis on cultural debates focused on women, blacks, and local entrepreneurs. Promotions of cultural productions by LGBT women entitled “Lilac Wednesday” were held.

The agenda also included the “Black Parade”, aimed at valuing and promoting the culture and production of black LGBTQIA+. For November 26, the Diversity Fair is planned, and the 4th LGBT+ Women’s March. “These spaces are necessary because they reaffirm the need for the (re)existence of an agenda that promotes rights and seeks to ensure the necessary conditions for everyone to achieve their full citizenship. We officially end the month with the LGBT Parade, and it will be a beautiful moment”, she concludes.