Policy Center Bolsonaro contradicts himself by avoiding press during agenda in Manaus

Jair Bolsonaro during a meeting of pastors in Manaus. (Jennifer Silva)

Victória Sales – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Upon landing in Manaus, on the night of Tuesday, 26, the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (No party), preferred to avoid the press and was comfortable with the voters. The federal representative was invited by the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), to attend the graduation of more than 400 military police (PMs). It turns out that, already on Wednesday morning, 27, during a Facebook live, Bolsonaro defended the importance of freedom of the press moments before attending an event of pastors.

For voters from the evangelical church, Bolsonaro gave a speech about the traditional Brazilian family construct. “And the family is defined in the Bible and it’s defined in the Constitution as well. In it it says that (family) is (union of) man and woman”, Bolsonaro stated. Furthermore, the president explained to people that they will be what they plant from now on. “I thank God for my life and for the opportunity”, he stressed.

In a speech to MPs, Bolsonaro stressed the importance of carrying the responsibility of a state in the work uniform. “You have the duty to defend every good citizen of the State of Amazonas. Graduation is a moment of satisfaction, of joy, it is a moment of fraternization”, said Bolsonaro in a speech at the PMs’ graduation. To the cry of ‘myth’, Jair was cheered by professionals and families who were participating in the event.

Also during the agenda in Manaus, the president had lunch with supporters and military authorities on the premises of the Jungle Warfare Instruction Center (Cigs), from where he left around 2:20 pm, without talking to the press, heading to a local TV station.

Freedom of the press

In an interview with a local radio station on Wednesday morning (27), Bolsonaro stressed the importance of press freedom, as long as it is used responsibly. This week, the live where Bolsonaro replicated fake news about AIDS and Covid-19 vaccine was banned from Facebook and YouTube.

“We lack, yes, an impartial press. Freedom of the press above all, obviously, with responsibility. I was criticized a lot, but in a fair way, and this is what we need in Brazil”, Bolsonaro said during an interview on national radio. Besides press freedom, the president also commented on the price of fuel increase and on the Covid CPI report, approved this Tuesday, 26th.


Jair Bolsonaro had his YouTube channel temporarily suspended. Days earlier, the Facebook and Instagram platforms also removed the federal representative’s broadcast from social networks. Bolsonaro stated that he will not take back his channel and that he will do printed lives from now on.