Policy Center Former AM Health secretary reacts to CPI final report: ‘Suffered political pressure’

Former Amazonas State Health Secretary Marcellus Campêlo (PABLO JACOB / Agência O Globo)

Gabriella Lira – from Cenarium

MANAUS – Besides the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), if position on the inclusion of his name in the final report of the CPI Covid, the former secretary of state health Marcellus Campêlo also positioned itself on the suggestion of indictment. In a clarification note released on Tuesday, 26, Campêlo says that the approval of the documented “suffered political pressure”.

“I respect the work of the CPI, but it was clear that the final report, with respect to the Amazon – unfortunately – suffered political pressure, with clear electoral interests”, says Campêlo in the note, referring to suspected threats, by the Amazon senator Eduardo Braga (MDB), so that senators approved the suggestion of indictment.

“I never omitted myself in the fight against the pandemic, in the period in which I was ahead of the Secretary of Health of the Amazon. I reiterate that I have total interest in clarifying the facts and I have been contributing for this, with depositions and supply of documents. This is how I will continue so that the truth prevails”, the former health secretary also points out.

What Wilson Lima said 

Also on Tuesday (26), the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, criticized the attitude of Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB/AM), after the vote on the final report of the Covid CPI, and said, through social networks, that the parliamentarian usually acts on the basis of threats. 

“Eduardo Braga is acting the way the Amazonians already know. Based on threats to include my name in the CPI report, promising not to vote if he does not get what he wants. He wants to include my name in the final report – even knowing that I was not even investigated by the CPI”, said Wilson Lima.

Senator Eduardo Braga is Lima’s political opponent and is expected to run for the government in 2022. Braga was also one of the main defenders of the opening of commerce in Manaus, when the capital was hit by the new variant of the coronavirus, in December last year, and has already been governor for two terms, in Amazonas. “His interest is aimed exclusively at the elections of 2022 and the reason of his life is to try to sabotage my government, which has been doing more in two years than he did in 8. Let the work speak, senator, and stop nitpicking”, completed Wilson Lima.

Reinforcing his interest in running the state, since he lost the elections to José Melo (Pros) in 2014, in his last visit to Silves, 200 kilometers from Manaus, for example, Eduardo Braga was greeted with a banner thanking him for the release of amendments to the city and took advantage of the moment to call himself the “hope of Amazonas”.

“The hope for better days is coming and this hope has a name and surname, Eduardo Braga, and our friends who can build the hope of better days for the people of Amazonas. Thank you very much, may God bless you all (sic),” Braga said.

Besides this, the eventual governor candidate also appeared dancing zumba with supporters, in August this year, in the Lírio do Vale neighborhood, West zone, in Manaus. The parliamentarian published a video on social networks sharing the moment and crowding with supporters.

Fake news

Last month, Senator Eduardo Braga used his social networks to publish a story from almost six months ago about an increase in the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) on diesel, as if it were current, and criticize the Government of Amazonas. Braga is a likely candidate for the government of the same state, in the 2022 elections, and puts himself as opposition to the Amazonas governor Wilson Lima (PSC).

In the September post, Braga inserted a print from the d24am portal, which was published on March 30, 2021, about a public hearing to debate the price of diesel in the state. The change in the tax calculation basis occurred, at the time, throughout Brazil, given an understanding of the National Council of Finance Policy (Confaz).