Economy Governor Wilson Lima announces readjustment and revised base dates for more than 70 thousand AM servers

Meeting of governor Wilson Lima and authorities took place at the Vasco Vasques Convention Center. (Gabriel Abreu/Cenarium)

Gabriel Abreu – from Cenarium Agency

MANAUS – The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), announced, on Tuesday, 26, a series of benefits for state employees. The measures will reach more than 70 thousand public servants and include revision of salary base dates, promotions, progressions and framing of careers, in addition to the restructuring of Law 3.510/2010, which will correct historical distortion for servants waiting for retirement. The announcement was made on the eve of Public Servants Day, celebrated on October 28.

“Since the first day in office, we have worked to change and make a difference in people’s lives. Even with the difficulties faced in these almost two years of pandemic, our government has been working to correct injustices, so that state servants can, from now on, retire with dignity after more than 30 or 35 years of dedicated service to Amazonas. We have servants with more than 40 years of dedication to the state”, said Wilson Lima.

During the press conference, governor Wilson Lima said that there was a restructuring of Law 3.510/2010. This legislation, which currently regulates, in general, the Plan of Positions, Careers and Remuneration (PCCR) of 1,987 active servers from 27 organs and state institutions will be modified, allowing for salary adjustments.

It will be a historical correction, because, for more than 10 years, the servants governed by Law 3.510 have not had any adjustment in the PCCR. Currently, these servants, when they retire, no longer receive the Gratuity for Technical-Administrative Activity (Gata), which represents almost 70% of their remuneration, which forces the great majority, even when they are old enough to retire, to continue working.

Education, Health and Safety

Wilson Lima announced an increase of 9.19% for the base-date of the years 2020 and 2021 for 32,478 servers of the State Department of Education and Sports, in addition to payment of the largest allowance of the Fund for Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and Valorization of Education Professionals (Fundeb) ever made by the state and whose values will be announced soon.

The governor also announced the implementation of Law 4.736/2018, which benefits 300 technical-administrative servers of the Amazonas State University (UEA) and the granting of promotions.

In the State Department of Health (SES-AM) and health foundations, 23,317 public servants will benefit from the implementation of Law 4,852/2019 and the base date of 2020, totaling salary correction of 8.9%.

In public security, the payment of the base-date of 2020, in the percentage of 3.30%, will be made to 9,661 public servants of the Military Police and Fire Department. The Civil Police clerks and investigators will receive staggered payments for the period 2021, and the institution’s administrative staff will also receive a basic date of 7.34% for 2019 and 2020. The State Government also advances in the processing of the Plan of Positions, Careers and Remuneration (PCCR) of the servers of the State Department of Traffic (Detran-AM).

The head of Sead, Fabricio Barbosa, noted that the server is a key agent in ensuring a quality service. “In a joint effort and, led by Governor Wilson Lima, we are announcing the implementation of measures that will provide dignity to state servers. We want to recognize all the effort and dedication of the civil service, stimulate and, consequently, guarantee more efficiency in the provision of services. The State, as an entity that manages society, is not only translated into institutions, but, essentially, in those who make this complex organism work”, highlighted the secretary.