Diversity ‘Her hair is just like mine’, celebrates singer Iza on inspiring Barbie doll version

Singer Iza was represented in the Barbie doll. (Promotion)

Luís Henrique Oliveira – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – With long blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin, Barbie doll has always been, at least for a long time, a worldwide symbol of beauty. It happens that in countries where, naturally, the majority of the population is black, like Brazil, children and teenagers, girls in the peak of puberty, end up not being represented. On Saturday the 20th, the date that celebrated the National Day of Black Consciousness, the singer Iza got her own version of the doll to praise the beauty of black skin.

“I can’t describe how satisfying it is to receive a gift like this!!!! I have always loved the Barbie universe, but I confess that I had never really seen myself in it. Having a Barbie Role Model version of me confirms more and more that life is very crazy, that we can never give up on our dreams and that our work will always touch someone’s heart!”, said the singer on her Instagram.

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The Barbie doll representing the singer Iza. (Promotion)

The singer Iza turned into a Barbie doll and showed the toy, made especially for her, in posts on social networks. The singer went on to recall the invisibility of black people not only in relation to dolls, but also in other environments, especially when she was younger: “Sometimes, when we don’t see ourselves in places, it is very difficult for us to think that our dream is possible”, she said.

Afterwards, the singer was excited to realize that the doll was really put together with the intention of looking as much like the “real Iza” as possible. “Her hair is the same as mine”, the artist celebrated.

The artist also talked about her work that, according to her, will always touch someone’s heart!”, added the artist, who released, according to herself, the most daring music video of her career, called “Sem Filtro”. “It’s kind of cliché, we hear it a lot, but I think it’s one of the greatest truths I’ve ever heard. It’s about being you, only you can tell your story”, continued the singer, who has a lace collection and is a reference when it comes to swimwear.