Economy In the AM, distribution of permanent ‘State Aid’ begins on Tuesday, 9

Governor Wilson Lima and secretaries from several departments posing for the official photo (Gabriel Abreu/Revista Cenarium)

Gabriel Abreu – from Cenarium Magazine  

MANAUS – The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), He announced on Friday, 5, that the distribution of the permanent State Aid card starts on Tuesday, 9, the capital, and the second half of the month in the interior. The aid will contemplate more than 300 thousand families in social vulnerability, affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with the value of R$ 150. The delivery will take place from 8am to 5pm in nine locations that will be announced next week.

At the headquarters of the State Department of Social Assistance (Seas), a technical cooperation agreement was signed for the joint action of 25 state departments and agencies to deliver the permanent State Aid cards. Approximately 900 employees from state departments and agencies will be mobilized for the distribution in the state.

“The initiative is essential to ensure, especially, the food security of thousands of families who lost even the ability to sustain themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, the permanent State Aid is considered the largest income transfer program in the history of Amazonas”, said Governor Wilson Lima.

As of this Friday, 5, the families who have received the benefit can check through the website to see if they were favored. According to social assistance secretary Alessandra Campelo, all families must be registered in the Federal Government’s Unified Registry (CadÚnico).

“The CadÚnico is the set of information about Brazilian families in poverty and extreme poverty created for the implementation of public policies capable of promoting the improvement of their lives. It will not be necessary to come to Seas to receive the card, there will be nine locations scattered in the capital for the population to receive the card”, said Alessandra.

Technology, security and transparency

To deliver the card, the Sasi application will be used. Data from the beneficiary family will be entered, and a photographic record of the beneficiary will be made. These are procedures to ensure security and transparency in the granting of the benefit. The servers have been trained to use the application.