Society In the AM, student makes ‘chip in’ to recover laptop on the eve of Enem

The 18-year-old student Hellen Saldanha (Reproduction/Personal File)

Priscilla Peixoto – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Focused on passing the vestibular and attend a public university, the Amazonian student Hellen Saldanha, 18, is looking for help. Recently, Hellen, a low-income student, was harmed by having her main study tool, her notebook, burned during a rainy dawn in the capital of Amazonas.

“These recent heavy rains have pushed some of the roof tiles away from the house, creating some leaks. My notebook, which I used to study, ended up getting wet during the early hours of the morning and now won’t turn on at all. At the moment I can’t afford to buy a new one, so I’m running out of time, because the Enem is already close”, laments the student.

Born in Presidente Figueiredo (126 kilometers from Manaus), daughter of a single mother and with three sisters, Hellen says she came to Manaus aiming to pass the vestibular. Currently, the student who does not live with my family, lives in a room in a friend’s house and says she cannot afford to buy even a used laptop and saw in the vaquinha an alternative to reverse the loss.

“At the moment, I receive an allowance that is less than a minimum wage from the Brazilian Union of Undergraduates (Ubes) here in the Amazon, and this is how I’ve been able to support myself. I ask for help, I’m desperate because I really want to go to college and I can’t do it on my cell phone, which doesn’t have enough space to download all the study material I need to prepare myself”, says Hellen, who dreams of studying History or Pedagogy.

How to help

To help Hellen in the virtual vaquinha made for the purchase of the device, the donor can make a PIX of any value by the number (92) 98428-2911 on behalf of Hellen Cristine de Oliveira Saldanha. For more information, those interested can also contact the number via WhatsApp or call.

“Any help is welcome. Everyone can help me by sharing, liking, commenting on my publication on social networks, or donating even pennies, which already helps a lot. From grain to grain I’ll get there, even if it’s buying a second-hand one. I just want to study, and a notebook nowadays is a tool that is part of the daily life of those who research, study, and work.


“Hi people!
My name is Hellen Saldanha, I’m 18, I’m a student in a pre-college course, and today I came to ask for a friendly favor! 😉🚩
These recent heavy rains in Manaus ended up pushing away some tiles from my house creating some drips. My laptop, which I used to study ended up getting wet at dawn in one of these leaks and now no longer connects at all. At the moment I can’t afford to buy one, and so I created this coworker💕
Could you help me by contributing to the construction of my dream of entering public university?❤️
Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you could share!”❤️✊🏻