Diversity LGBTQIA+ Parade in Amapá wants to highlight women’s movement, blacks and entrepreneurs

You will see that a son of yours doesn't run away from the fight: Resist in order to exist", is the theme of the 21st edition (Maksuel Martins/SECOM)

Priscilla Peixoto – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The 21st edition of the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade in Macapá, capital of Amapa, brings as a highlight cultural debates focused on women, blacks and local entrepreneurs. The event will be held in the month of November, scheduled for the 28th, addressing the theme ‘You will see that a child of yours does not run away from the fight: Resist in order to exist’.

“These spaces are necessary because they reaffirm the need for the (re) existence of an agenda that promotes rights and seeks to ensure the necessary conditions for everyone to achieve their full citizenship,” explained the general coordinator of the parade, Brayan Marques, in an interview with a local media outlet.

According to Brayan, besides raising awareness and alerting to the need for public policies that serve the LGBT community, the event serves as a tool for representation for this part of the population considered to be a minority.

LGBT flag, symbol that is used to represent the community (Promotion/Internet)


The schedule for the 21st Amapá LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade started on Thursday, 4th. The program continues until the official day of the event. Among the activities, an exhibition of cultural productions by LGBT women is scheduled for this Wednesday, 10, entitled Lilac Wednesday.

Although not yet disclosed by those responsible, the places and times defined for the LGBTQIA+ activity are included in the programming schedule the Black Parade, on November 17th, aiming to value and promote the culture and production of black LGBTQIA+. On November 24, the Diversity Fair will take place, and the 4th LBTI+ Women’s March will finish the movement on the date initially scheduled for November 26.

LGBTQIA+ Parade in São Paulo (Reproduction/Promotion)


According to information released by the Amapá State Government and the State Department of Culture (Secult), the actions destined to the “Month of Diversity” in the state aim to move the economy and establish through citizenship a dialogue about respect for life.

For the singer and one of the presenters of the event, Rafaela Steffans, the initiative serves as an incentive for LGBTQIA+ people to talk about prejudices suffered in everyday life. Rafaela also highlights the representativeness as mediator of the event.

“Presenting the programming, being a trans woman, is a way to inspire and encourage other people who dream of being ahead of the movement and major events. We know that there are difficulties for the LGBTQIA+ population, and to have this feedback from the government is gratifying”, she concludes.