Police PF finds jewelry and money in the store of Eduardo Braga cousins in the AM; see video

Arnoldo Santos – Cenarium Magazine

In launching the Operation Frankly, on the morning of Wednesday, 17, the Federal Police (PF) served warrants for search and seizure of materials, including computers and documents, which may serve the investigation that tries to dismantle what the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) called “scheme created by the criminal organization to be dismantled”, having as its main object vehicles with origin in the Manaus Free Trade Zone. But in addition to computers and documents, the investigations ended up finding jewelry and cash that were in the car dealership run by João dos Santos Braga Neto and Maria de Fatima Pinheiro Braga Roman, both cousins of Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM).

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From this seizure, extra investigations may arise because the origin of the money and jewelry must be investigated by the authorities, including listening to those responsible for the company and the possession of the material, which may or may not contain evidence and is under custody of the police and the MPF until it is all examined. The exact amounts of what was seized have not been disclosed.

Jewels and money seized at the dealership of senator Eduardo Braga’s cousins by PF. (Photo: Promotion)

Following the procedural rite, the police officers drew up the seizure records that will be delivered to the responsible court, which, in this case, is the federal judge of the 5th Federal Criminal Court of the Federal Justice Subsection in Mato Grosso (SJMT), Jeferson Schneider. Regarding the amount in cash, the money is deposited in an account at the Caixa Econômica Federal. But the investigation on this amount will be part of the crossing of information on movements made by the company with the Central Bank (BC) and the Financial Activities Commission (Coaf), which is responsible for monitoring movements of large sums, starting from R$ 10 thousand. Even with the non-decree of bank secrecy by the Federal Court, the MPF may request an analytical report on the possible suspicious transactions of the investigated.

The Braga Group, owner of the store where the operation was conducted, issued a statement informing, among other things, that “the jewelry and cash values reported in the media are personal property of the partners of the group, duly declared in their income taxes, which are kept in the family office located in a room in the same address of the company.

Until early this afternoon, the police were still collecting materials in some of the stores targeted by the operation.