Society Randolfe goes to the STF and the Hague Court against Bolsonaro for genocide of the Yanomami

Indigenous people protesting in the Federal District. (Ueslei Marcelino/ Reuters)

Marcela Leiros – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) said on Monday, 15, that is taking action regarding the situation of abandonment and federal negligence related to the Yanomami people, shown in a report by Fantastico on Sunday, 14. According to the former vice president of the Covid CPI, which investigated the actions of the federal government in the pandemic, President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) will be denounced to international courts for genocide. This will be the second time, this year alone, that the president’s name will go to court for actions considered criminal against this people.

“Faced with the genocidal action of the Bolsonaro government against the Yanomami, we are taking action: 1. ADPF [Argument of Noncompliance with Fundamental Precept] with the Supreme Court for the government to fulfill its duty to the indigenous populations, especially and especially at this time, with the Yanomami people. 2. Another complaint to the international courts against Jair Bolsonaro for genocide!”, said the senator on Twitter.


On Sunday, “Fantástico” showed the vulnerability of the 30 thousand Yanomami Indians who live in the largest Indigenous Land in the country which covers the states of Roraima and Amazonas. In the indigenous territory of almost 9 million hectares, the lack of health care for adults and children is latent and the presence of at least 20 thousand illegal miners puts the indigenous people at risk through violence, disease and contaminated rivers.

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MPF charges structure

Also on Monday, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) in Roraima recommended that the Ministry of Health (MS) make a plan to restructure basic assistance that can reverse the scenario of malnourished children, malaria and advance of illegal mining in Yanomami communities. A deadline of 90 days was given for the response, and if it does not occur, intervention was suggested.

The recommendation, issued in partnership with the Amazonas MPF, calls for the reinforcement of the staff working inside the reserve; adequate air logistics to serve the communities; and an audit of the accounts of the Special Indigenous Health District Yanomami (Dsei-Y) and the Special Indigenous Health Secretariat (Sesai), both under the Ministry of Health, to identify how the money is being used.

One more accusation

This is not the first time that the Bolsonaro government will be denounced for genocide against indigenous peoples. In August this year, the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib) filed a statement with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to denounce the federal government. The organization requested that the prosecutor of the Hague-based court examine the crimes committed against indigenous peoples by President Jair Bolsonaro since the beginning of his mandate in January 2019, with attention to the period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apib demanded an investigation based on ICC precedents for crimes against humanity (art. 7. b, h. k Rome Statute – extermination, persecution and other inhumane acts) and genocide (art. 6. B and c Rome Statute – causing severe physical and mental harm and deliberately inflicting conditions with a view to the destruction of indigenous peoples). According to Apib, this was the first time in history that indigenous peoples went directly to the ICC, with their indigenous lawyers, to defend themselves against these crimes.