Policy Center SPECIAL – Now what?: Network of Evil and Death

The Work and Health Education Management Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Mayra Pinheiro, known as "Captain Chloroquine" (Reproduction/Internet)

Iury Lima – from Cenarium Magazine

VILHENA (RO) – Jair Bolsonaro was not the only one to make contradictory decisions to the containment of the new coronavirus. The final report of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of Covid asked, in all, 80 indictments for the practice of 22 crimes investigated by the Federal Senate, committed during the pandemic. There are 78 people, besides two companies: Precisa Medicamentos and VTCLOG, both suspected of corruption in the sale of immunizers (Covaxin) and of fraudulent contracts with the Ministry of Health.

The number of suggestions for indictment went up after the inclusion of 12 more requests in the final text, on October 26, including the names of the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), and the former state secretary of Health, Marcellus Campêlo, who join the group of those pointed out as responsible for crimes against humanity. The outcome of more than six months of sessions is the result of 520 requests for information and 251 breaches of secrecy, gathered in 9 terabytes of files.

According to political scientist Carlos Santiago, the CPI found a “network of evil, of death, articulated by countless Brazilians, from government leaders, businessmen to religious leaders, who caused much harm to society.

“AM Governor mentions political articulation” excerpt from Cenarium Maganize ‘Now what?” issue.

“Who encouraged early treatment without scientific efficacy, who disseminated false news against vaccines, nurtured difficulties in acquiring immunizers or even lobbying to get them at absurd prices (… ) private hospitals using non-scientific methods to flatter governments and also to obtain more profits, leaders of religious institutions acting against measures to contain the pandemic and, at the same time, selling facilities, selling cures on social networks, in addition to businessmen who profited from the pandemic (…) this network contributed greatly to the high rate of deaths from Covid in Brazil”, added the expert.

Santiago emphasizes that one of the main actors “of this network” and, consequently, “of this Brazilian tragedy”, is the president of the Republic, who, now, may answer for the crimes indicated. “The CPI asks for his indictment, but not only of him, but also of his family members involved in this network of evil, in this network of death”, he said.

“See list of indictment requests – Crimes against humanity and others” excerpt from Cenarium Maganize ‘Now what?” issue.
“Indictment requests by other crimes” excerpt from Cenarium Maganize ‘Now what?” issue.

The lawyer, sociologist and political scientist Helso Ribeiro points out that Bolsonaro owes society forgiveness. “I believe that the president has a fault with the Brazilian population by having minimized the virus issue and, above all, I believe that the president has a debt to ask for forgiveness from the relatives who had their loved ones victimized, because he minimized it, he laughed, he got a laugh: ‘I’m not a faggot’, ‘I’m not a mortician’, ‘go look for a vaccine with your mother’, in short (…)”, he declared indignantly.

“It is up to all of us, in the exercise of citizenship, to try to exert pressure and verify what will be done from now on”, Ribeiro concluded.

Carlos Santiago now expects the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF), the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), and the Federal Police (PF) to give “a response to match this request for indictment by the CPI, a response against those who have mistreated society. He ends by lamenting the fact that ” it remains in Brazilian and worldwide history the absurdity of having a governor who works against public health and against the life of his own people”.

“Manaus Mayor is left out” excerpt from Cenarium Maganize ‘Now what?” issue.