Tourism Travel agencies bet on promotions to draw public’s attention

Tourism sector seeks economic recovery with promotions and additional packages (rights reserved to Figueiredo Turismo Agency)

Bruno Pacheco – from Cenarium

MANAUS – With the increase in the price of fuel, which has become an obstacle to family travel, travel agencies have been betting on promotions to draw the attention of the public. The Covid-19 pandemic has repressed the segment worldwide, which seeks economic recovery with the advance of vaccination against the disease, while fighting against external factors.

During the long holiday of September 7, when Brazil celebrates Independence Day, one of the most awaited moments by the population were the trips to tourist spots or family homes. The high price of gasoline, however, which reaches R$ 5.99 in Manaus and up to R$ 7 in some cities in the interior of Amazonas, was a fundamental factor in the retreat of these people.

Tourism sector seeks economic recovery (rights reserved to Agência Figueiredo Turismo)

The tourist Wesley Henrique, partner-owner of Figueiredo Turismo, in Presidente Figueiredo (125 kilometers from Manaus), says that the impact was negative for both families and for tourism agencies. He points out that the lodging company had an estimated 20% expense with transportation along with the tours, due to the short-term increase in fuel.

“At first we tried our best not to take these readjustments to our final consumers, however, with the increase in fuel we had to readjust the values of our packages. One way we found to minimize these impacts and reach a middle ground was to put some tours in our agency with a promotional value at least once a month to reach a larger audience in our tours and, in a way, cover the expenses with logistics in our tours”, said Wesley.

Wesley Henrique is partner-owner of Figueiredo Turismo (Personal File/Reproduction)
"It was a risky measure, but so far it has worked well. We have even used this measure to seek a larger public during this long holiday season".
Wesley Henrique

The search

The demand for travel agencies has been evidenced by the package already included in the trip. The economic factor can also be highlighted, as Wesley reminds us. “If you put on paper the expenses for a family to go to Presidente Figueiredo and come back in a single end of the day in a private vehicle, for sure the value would be almost twice as much as going on a tour”, he reinforced.

Wesley remembers that families look for comfort during the excursions (rights reserved to Agência Figueiredo Turismo)

“Many families come to us for the convenience of going on a tour without having to worry about who will drive, what they will eat, what they will visit, and other things”, said the tourismologist.

Figueiredo Turismo

Figueiredo Turismo is an ecological tourism agency that for more than three years has been making trips to Presidente Figueiredo and offers excursions, private tours and tour guide services, valuing safety, quality, comfort and the certainty that good moments will be collected. The excursions take place on weekends and holidays.

Figueiredo Turismo is an ecological tourism agency (rights reserved to Figueiredo Turismo Agency)

“The package includes: transfer, access fee, tour guide fee, photos, self-service lunch. Our prices are R$130 individual, R$250 couple for cash payments, while for credit cards we charge an additional R$10″, concludes Wesley. To contact the agency, just access the social networks or through the number (92) 99277-0012.