Power TRE-AM confirms new elections for December in Coari, in AM, after removal of Adail Filho

The former mayor Adail Filho had his mandate revoked by the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM) (Reproduction)

Bruno Pacheco – from Cenarium

MANAUS – The Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM) determined on Thursday, 21, that the new municipal elections in Coari, 363 kilometers from Manaus, Amazonas, take place on December 5. The decision comes after the imbroglio in Justice that culminated in the revocation of former mayor Adail Filho, and vice, Keitton Pinheiro, who were reelected in 2020.

According to a note released by the TRE-AM, the Electoral Court analyzed the decision issued by Minister Carlos Horbach, of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), which determined the immediate holding of new majority elections in Coari and, based on technical criteria that delimit the time required to hold a plea, defined the time required for the new date.

“It is set, therefore, the date of December 5, 2021 for the holding of the supplementary election for the Municipal Executive of Coari. The TRE-AM will soon release the calendar relevant to the election, with dates from the beginning of the registration of applications until the graduation of elected officials”, says an excerpt from the note.

End of the ‘dynasty’

Adail Filho and Keitton Pinheiro were elected in the 2020 municipal elections in Coari. They, however, have not come to assume the positions of mayor and vice mayor of the city because of the decision of the TRE-AM that put an end to the “dynasty” Pinheiro family. The Electoral Court understood that Adail would be going to a third consecutive term of the same family, since his father, Adail Pinheiro, was mayor of the city before the mandate of his son, even though he was also removed from office.

Adail Filho next to his father, Adail Pinheiro (Reproduction/Internet)

The decision of the TRE-AM meets the Coalition action Ficha Limpa for Coari, the former candidate for mayor of the city Robson Tiradentes (PSC), and takes into account the impugned filed in court by law student Raione Cabral de Queiroz and Rafael de Souza Rosário.

In April this year, Minister Tarcisio Vieira de Carvalho Neto of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), denied Adail Filho’s appeal against the decision of the TRE-AM that removed him from the City Hall. The end of the Pinheiro family dynasty, however, was only confirmed in early October this year, when the TSE upheld the decision of the Electoral Court of Amazonas.