Power Vitória Supermarket owners, suspected of killing Army sergeant in Manaus, win freedom

The victim, Lucas Ramon Silva Guimarães (left), and the couple Joabson and Jordana (right). (Reproduction/ Internet)

Gabriel Abreu – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) met on Wednesday, 10, the request of the defense of the couple Joabson Gomes and Jordana Freire, owners of Victory Supermarket, so they respond in freedom for the death of Army Sergeant Lucas Guimarães, killed on September 1 with three shots in the head. The lawyers tried three other times to set their clients free, but the habeus bodies were denied by the Court of Justice of Amazonas (TJAM).

Defense attorney Almicar Pinheiro denies that his clients are involved in the death of army sergeant Lucas Ramon Silva Guimarães. At the time of the arrest, delegate Marna de Miranda said that during investigations the police identified that Lucas Guimarães and Jordana Freire had an extramarital relationship, since December 2020. For the investigators, Joabson discovered the betrayal through his wife’s phone. When the husband of the businesswoman began to make threats against Lucas and commit domestic violence against his wife.

“Lucas owned a printing company that, through contact from friends and clients, started to provide services for the Vitória supermarket. But, in dealing with Joabson, who according to the victim was rude and coarse, he did not want to make contact anymore. That’s when Jordana came in, the two got to know each other and started a relationship”, detailed the delegate about the beginning of the relationship.


Under Operation Luke 8:17 – a verse from the Bible that says “there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed and nothing hidden that will not be known and brought to light” – a stolen firearm was seized in the supermarket chain unit of Torquato Tapajós, south-central zone of Manaus. One person was caught in the act.

According to the Civil Police, there is still no information on the identification of who committed the crime.

Understanding the case

Lucas was murdered with approximately three shots to the head. The crime happened in a coffee shop located on Ayrão Avenue, Alvaro Maia Boulevard, Praça 14 de Janeiro neighborhood, south of Manaus.

The victim was in the place, when a man entered the establishment, posing as a customer, asked for a coffee, and then pulled a gun and shot the victim. Lucas was still rescued and taken to the Hospital Santa Julia, but he died.

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