Society Women diagnosed with cancer win photo shoot during event in Manaus

Man kisses participant of the Click Solidarity event at Ponta Negra. (Divulgation)

Luís Henrique Oliveira – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – As a way to celebrate the importance of the Pink October campaign, the 5th Solidarity Click took place this Sunday, 31st, an event that aims to raise the self-esteem of women diagnosed with breast cancer through a photo shoot. The Ponta Negra Complex, in the West Zone of Manaus, served as the meeting place that had the Rio Negro as landscape and a beautiful sunset in the background.

According to the creator of the meeting, journalist and photo reporter Edivan Farias, besides facing the disease, the women who are diagnosed need to have their self-esteem worked on, because they are psychologically shaken.

“Most of these women face the disease alone. In many cases, they go through this situation without support from their husbands and family members. Being affected by this disease is something that needs to be worked on very carefully and with a lot of love. Click Solidarity is an event that brings awareness to the importance of prevention. It is a very good feeling to see in the eyes of these women the joy that these girls feel to be participating in this project”, said Edivan.

Woman poses for a photo during Click Solidarity. (Divulgation)

During the event, the women receive makeup and prayers, in addition to photos. “We have a friend who has participated with us since the first event. She lives in Iranduba [27 kilometers from Manaus] and comes every year, looking forward to the meeting. I am very happy to be able to do this”, added Edivan.

According to nursing technician Cinthia Damasceno, 42 years old, the project came at a good time, since she had just been diagnosed with uterine cancer.”I had a total hysterectomy, and since I found out early on, I didn’t need chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Click Solidarity was very important because at the time I found out, it was a crucial time for me. I wanted to have another daughter. When I went to the doctor to have the IUD removed, I discovered the cancer. I have been in the project for three years. The project came at a time when I was very weak. We change and this helps in the treatment. I have a great appreciation for Edivan and for events like this. I try to pass on this help and even though I don’t have cancer anymore, I want to collaborate with this event for the rest of my life”, she said, emotional, remembering that she has been under treatment for 5 years.

The first edition of Click Solidarity was attended by about 600 women, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s edition had to be reduced and everyone present took precautions against the virus.