Police Women’s rights organization represents action in the MP against man “dressed” as goalkeeper Bruno

Marcela Leiros – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The Public Ministry of Amazonas (MP-AM) received representation against the man who wore a costume of the goalkeeper Bruno, accused of killing the model Eliza Samudio, at a Halloween party in Manaus. The representation was formulated by the Brazilian Union of Women – Amazonas Section (UBM-AM) and received by the Attorney General, Alberto Rodrigues do Nascimento Júnior, and the prosecutor Antonio Jose Mancilha, the 57th Prosecutor for Human Rights and Citizenship, on Monday, 9.

The man in MP-AM’s sights used, on the 1st of this month, a costume considered by women’s rights organizations as an apology for the feminicide of the model and actress Eliza Samudio, murdered by the former Flamengo goalkeeper about 11 years ago. The scene was portrayed and reproduced in social networks all over Brazil, even reaching Eliza Samudio’s mother, Sônia Moura, and the victim’s son, currently raised by his grandmother.

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The national coordinator of UBM, Vanja Santos, told CENARIUM that the organization intends to take the case forward and asks that the man be punished for the fact. “It is a total absurdity. We are committed to having an investigative process opened. In any case, it is clear that we have to be vigilant in all fronts so that situations like this are inhibited by effective actions of the law enforcement agencies”, Vanja emphasized.

Meeting on Tuesday, 9th, when UBM-AM delivered the representation to MP-AM. (Promotion)

Understanding the case

At the party that took place at Porão do Alemão, one of the owners of which is councilman William Alemão (Solidarity), the man posed for a photo wearing a soccer team shirt holding a black garbage bag with the inscription ‘Eliza’. The establishment’s social network profile caused controversy among women’s rights advocates and political activists after the party house shared the photo of the partygoer.

At the time, the issue had national repercussions and Eliza Samúdio’s mother spoke out about the situation. “It seems that the person doesn’t have an inch of empathy with his neighbor. Does the person not know that her son, who is a minor, is involved in all this? I was devastated when I saw this. Very sad”, she said after the repercussions.

At the time, the women’s rights advocate, maternal activist and bachelor in law, Alessandrine Silva, for example, said that violence against women is not a joke, and Porão do Alemão agreed with the hate speech against women by sharing the man’s photo on Instagram. Alessandrine also recalled that in 2020, a woman died every seven hours in Brazil.

“In the first two months of 2021, Amazonas registered more than 1,000 reports of domestic violence. In 2020, a woman died every seven hours in Brazil. Domestic violence against women is not a joke, and Porão do Alemão, by publishing the photo, endorsed the hate speech against us”, said Alessandrine.

The establishment stated that it does not condone apology for crime and said that the image was published by an intern who was unaware of the murder.