Economy CBA presents bioeconomy and biotechnology development activities in the Amazon

The Amazon Biotechnology Center (CBA), in Manaus (Promotion)

Priscilla Peixoto – from Cenarium

MANAUS – The Amazon Biotechnology Center (CBA) held an integration agenda with local press professionals and representatives of the agency, this Thursday morning, 5th. The goal is to strengthen the relationship with the Amazonas media and show the activities to stimulate the Amazon bioeconomy, as well as the development of biotechnological entrepreneurship. The unit is located in the Industrial District 1 and is managed by the Superintendence of the Manaus Free Trade Zone (Suframa).

The CBA aims to develop economic alternatives through technological innovation, in order to improve the economic and social development of the Amazon biodiversity, in a sustainable way. During the meeting, Suframa’s superintendent, Algacir Polsin, accompanied by the CBA manager, Fábio Calderaro, and the center’s researchers, presented the Biotechnology Center’s structure to those present and talked about the projects that are already in progress.

“Knowing what we do, our potentialities is something very important for us. The capacity of the CBA, the possibilities of our sub-economy need to be known to attract development to the region. Attracting investments and companies, as well as showing the possibilities for the companies that are already installed here”, Algacir said.

The CBA has 45 employees, including researchers and technical-administrative staff (Reproduction/Márcio Gallo/Suframa)


Also according to Algacir, the unit has sought to diversify industries and strengthen actions in the Industrial Pole of Manaus, the superintendent also highlighted the initiative to focus on the economy aiming at tourism”. In this diversification we see the bio-economy, the bio-industries, as a very important factor”, said Suframa’s superintendent.

The press professionals had the opportunity to see part of the 26 projects being developed by CBA scientists. Among the projects is the implementation or development of methods for quality control and/or traceability of Amazonian inputs; the large-scale production of seedlings and the elaboration of bioproducts derived from curaua fiber; and the valorization of Amazonian fruits and the impact of processing on their quality.

There are several other studies focused on the areas of health, pharmaceuticals, biocosmetics, and environment. Highlights include studies involving the production of antibodies for diseases of various origins, including Covid-19.

The CBA presented new initiatives to the press, this Wednesday, 6th (Reproduction/Márcio Gallo/Suframa)

Legal identity

According to Algacir, the process for creating a legal identity for the CBA is in progress under the coordination of the Federal Audit Court (TCU). He pointed out that the center is seeking the National Legal Entity Registration (CNPJ), enabling greater flights and the receipt of resources from private companies.

The goal is to strengthen the relationship with the Amazonas media and show the activities that stimulate the bioeconomy (Reproduction/Márcio Gallo/Suframa)

“We are leaving behind every day the image that many people have that the CBA is a ‘white elephant’. Currently, the CBA is carrying out a series of activities. We are seeking to change the legal personality of the CBA, so that it has the CNPJ and can fly. Our economic engine is the industry, the Industrial Pole of Manaus, which we do not seek to substitute but to complement. So, bioeconomy is the flagship for the economic complementation of the Amazon”, said Algacir.

About the CBA

With a built area of 12 thousand square meters and structured mainly from investments made by Suframa, the Amazon Biotechnology Center (CBA) receives around R$ 2.5 million from the Federal Government and has a staff of 45 employees, including researchers and technical-administrative staff.

Currently, the CBA offers to the market a set of services in physical-chemical analysis and microbiological analysis, and specialized technical services, such as efficacy and toxicological safety tests.