Diversity In Manacapuru, artists promote the 1st edition of ‘Dança Mana’

The event takes place on October 1st and 2nd (Reproduction/Internet)

Priscilla Peixoto – from Cenarium

MANAUS – In order to promote and expand the aesthetic experiences in the area of dance, more specifically in the techniques of classical ballet, jazz dance and contemporary dance, will be held in the city of Manacapuru (100 kilometers from Manaus), the first edition of “Dance MANA [capuru]”. The event will be on October 1 and 2, in the auditorium of the Global Faith Mission, located at Rua Raimundo Pacheco Teles, in São José neighborhood.

According to the cultural producer and one of the responsible for O Dança MANA [capuru], Jaqueline Ferreira, the program should bring together artists, teachers and amateurs who want to exchange experiences and concepts related to the universe of dance. “The idea came up with the teacher Verlene Mesquita and the teacher Álvaro Gonçalves, when we realized that the municipalities of Manaus have a wide cultural activity, but the access to growth and study of these arts, even being close to Manaus, there is no such exchange”, says Jaqueline.

The event will be free and in all there will be 95 openings, divided into several available modalities. On the agenda are workshops and conversations about the theme, with a focus on the strengths and needs of the local arts scene. “The round of talks will count with the presence of local artists and will be broadcast online and, later, an article will be published based on this meeting”, explains the producer.

The event is an opportunity to disseminate the theme and provide an opportunity for exchange with the community and professionals (Reproduction/Negrê)

Promising Scenario

The cultural producer considers that the city of Manacapuru is a promising place when the subject is culture and dance. However, she points out that even though it is a metropolitan area, it still presents several difficulties in amplifying and directing the artists of the segment.

“We believe that Manacapuru is a very promising scenario even by the ciranda question and like it or not it makes possible the discovery of some talents and people need to be directed and presented to other modalities to develop, I would even say that it is a fertile soil to plant seeds and without forgetting the dance course of the Amazonas State University (UEA), that makes the difference too”, she emphasizes.

Manacapuru’s ciranda helps reveal dance talents (Reproduction/ Michael Dantas)


In Jaqueline’s opinion, the event is an opportunity to disseminate the theme and provide an opportunity for exchange with the community and professionals, enhancing the experiences of the participants. “Events like this are very important because they bring people together and give them a sense of direction. It allows us to move an idea that we have had for some time, and the best thing is that we are in a city that needs these programs”, she highlights.

Registration is free and those who wish to participate in the program can contact us by phone or WhatsApp: (92) 8414-4373.