Police In Manaus, Civil Police arrest suspect in the murder of Sergeant Lucas Guimarães

Silas Ferreira da Silva was arrested in the Redenção neighborhood. (Reproduction/Divulgation)

Priscilla Peixoto – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS- The Civil Police (PC) arrested, on the night of Monday, 22, a man identified as Silas Ferreira da Silva. The man, arrested in the Redemption neighborhood, west central zone of Manaus, would be the suspected author of the murder against the Brazilian Army sergeant Lucas Ramos Silva Guimarães, 29, in a coffee shop located on Ayrão Avenue, neighborhood Praça 14 de Janeiro, South Zone of Manaus.

“Under the coordination of delegates Ricardo Cunha, DEHS teams (Police Department Specialized in Homicide and Kidnappings) have just arrested the most wanted man of the year: the murderer of Sergeant Lucas. The ‘ghost’ gunman was finally discovered”, said the Civil Police advisory, noting that the same man had been arrested earlier in the 11th Integrated District of Police, with several weapons.

The murder

Lucas Guimarães was murdered with three shots to the head. The crime happened in a coffee shop located on Ayrão Avenue, Alvaro Maia Boulevard, Praça 14 de Janeiro neighborhood, South Zone of Manaus, on September 1 of this year.

The sergeant was there when a man entered the establishment, posing as a customer, ordered a coffee and then pulled out a gun and shot him. Lucas was taken to Santa Julia Hospital, but he died.

According to police investigations, the extra-marital involvement, since December 2020, of the Army sergeant with Jordana Azevedo Freire, wife of businessman Joabson Gomes, owner of Vitória Supermarket, would have been the motivation for the crime.

For the investigators, Joabson discovered the betrayal through his wife’s phone and started to make threats against Lucas and to commit domestic violence against Jordana.

“Lucas owned a print shop that, through contact from friends and clients, started to provide services for the Vitória supermarket. But in dealing with Joabson, who according to the victim was rude and coarse, he did not want to make contact anymore. That was when Jordana came in. The two met and began to relate”, detailed the adjunt delegate of DEHS, Marna Miranda, during the investigation phase. This month, the victim’s family offered R$ 40 thousand as a reward for anyone who provided information on the whereabouts of the suspect.